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17 juin 2007 7 17 /06 /juin /2007 17:14

A ten years old neutered male is presented for a severe chronic gingivo stomatitis. He had yet recieved a periodontal therapy and multiple extractions few month ago with bad result (first photo). He was tested negative FIV and Felv.
This photo at J0 just before the first injection "in situ" of interferon.

At J7 : 7 days after the first sub mucosal injection of 1 MUI of Virbagen ND in each side of the  caudal stomatitis areas : few results are observed.

                   At J15 : a more signifiant  reduction of oral inflammation is visible.

 On the left at J90 :the result  is clear .             On the right at 7 month.

The inflammation is correctly controled without corticosteroids. It remains a little red area on the caudal part of the gingival crest, but the mouth is not painfull.


On this other case we can observe the maner to perform the submucosa injection just at the border line between inflammation mucosa and normal mucosa.
Just after injection and before to remove  the needle we press gently with a moss spatula to prevent micro hemorrhage and the interferon liquid flush back (see over).
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