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30 septembre 2007 7 30 /09 /septembre /2007 20:40

The clinical case presented  is a  case of upper canine fracture on  female european mature cat. The left canine tooth  is broken with pulp exposure since two months. The tooth is painful. The Rhin probe is penetrating in the root canal.The procedure selected is a root canal therapy (pulpectomy ) : remove the pulp, clean the root canal,dry, introduce ZOE and gutta percha cones and restore with glass ionomer.

Equipment list  for  pulpectomy:

    - sterile straight  diamond bur
    - barbed broaches
    - Hedstrom files
    - sterile paper points
    - sterile saline solution
    - sodium hypochlorite
    - hydrogen peroxyde
    - EDTA
    - eugenol+oxyde Zinc :ZOE
    - lentulo
    - gutta percha cones
    - glass ionomer
    - mixing spatula
    - plastic filling instrument

The access hole is enlarged with a round small bur to access at the pulp chamber. Then a barbed broach is inserted  for pulp extirpation.

                                                                      necrotic pulp

Pulp debris extirpation with Hedstrom files inserted in the canal. Files of increasing size are used to clean the walls of the canal.

The canal isflushed with 2,5 % hypochlorite  alternated with hydrogen peroxyde and normal saline sterile solution several times. Endoneedle is used for atraumatic irigation.



                                The canal is dried with paper point and air flushing

                         Root canal filling cement is mixed :
ZOE (Zinc Eugenate)
                  And the canal is filled with  using a lentulo (spiral paste filler)
                     inserted into the canal and rotated clockwise at 800 rpm.


                                                    Insertion of Gutta Percha cones

ct11.jpgTo complete the restoration a light cure glass ionomere is applied after creating a small undercut in the dentine of the acces hole to produce a retentive cavity wtih a reverse cone bur (or a pear-shaped bur).

                                                   The light curing step

A part of materials used :
(from left to right: round bur,barbed broach,Hedstrom files,endoneedle,paper points,lentulo,pear-shaped bur,spatula).

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